Before you get started, let's see just how smart you are. Take the following True / False quiz (C'Mon! 50/50 shot! That's better than Rock-Paper-Scissors!). The answers are made available later.

Here is a list of 30 common sciency questions that could be asked in any USA Middle School; nothing too complex and certainly no quantum entanglement questions. Give them a quick shot. You either KNOW IT or you DO NOT KNOW IT. PERIOD. Don't Google. Don't look crap up.

True False 1. "Getting a chill" like running outside on a cold day with a wet head or sitting in a draft on a cold concrete floor causes colds.
True False 2. Animal parents will reject animal babies that have been touched by humans.
True False 3. Bulls hate the color red.
True False 4. Columbus proved the world was round.
True False 5. Comets are balls of fire streaking through space.
True False 6. Darwin claimed that man evolved from apes.
True False 7. Earthquakes open cracks in the earth that swallow people and things up.
True False 8. Edison invented the light bulb.
True False 9. Einstein, as in Albert, was a poor student.
True False 10. Frankenstein was a monster.
True False 11. A leg or arm "falls asleep" because blood flow is interrupted.
True False 12. Mice like cheese.
True False 13. Moths eat clothes.
True False 14. Muscle turns to fat as you age and stop exercising.
True False 15. "SOS" means "Save Our Ship".
True False 16. Steam is the cloudy mist that comes off boiling water.
True False 17. The sun is closer to the earth during the Northern Hemishere summer.
True False 18. Toilets and sinks swirl counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and clockwise in the Southern.
True False 19. Water boils faster when you add salt.
True False 20. You can swing in the jungle on vines like Tarzan and George.
True False 21. A cold left to get worse will turn into pneumonia.
True False 22. Cell phones cause brain tumors.
True False 23. Moths and many other 'bugs' are attracted to flames and bright lights.
True False 24. Penicillin kills bacteria.
True False 25. Walking on hot coals and lying on a Bed of Nails is mystic and/or spiritual and requires special training.

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