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How you, too, can have me entertain your troops!

But, 1st, a POP QUIZ!
    Teacher Workshops are
  1. Extremely meaningful.
  2. Essential for Professional Development & Growth.
  3. Integral components of Educational Pedagogy and Practicum.
  4. The most worthless way to spend a teachers time outside of cafeteria duty!
If you answered 'A' above, you must be an administrator. 'B' indicates you are a Curriculum Coordinator. 'C' is a dead giveaway that you just received your MEB, Master's of Educational Bullshit, and can't stop yourself. 'D' is a sure sign that you are an experienced classroom teacher and have some semblance of time organization.

So, what's the solution? Don't look at me! I'm one of YOU!

A little Daryl-History : About 15 or so years ago, I simply got fed up with all the In-Service BS that school administrators and, quite unfortunately, the State and my colleagues were shoving down my throat. One workshop in particular comes to mind. We had a full day In-Service titled "The Bias-free Classroom". It COULD have been worthwhile. It was when I was at Willingboro HS, a predominantly African-American district. The facilitator, a black social worker for the State, started pretty well if not interestingly. We pinpointed and identified many forms of bias. Racial. Sexual. Intellectual. Appearance. Religious. Athletic. Many I just never thought of before. However, about an hour into this 6 hour workshop, he stated that even he has bad days by stating, "Sometimes, if my breakfast isn't on the table in time, I get upset and take that emotional baggage into work!" Well, to this, I asked innocently enough, "Why not just make your own damn breakfast?" His reply caused his credibility bubble to burst right in front of us. Angrily, he raised his voice, "Oh, we don't play that game at MY house! I earn the bacon and she cooks and cleans! PERIOD!" What unadulterated bias bullshit! I got up and walked out. I ended up practicing non-bias activities in the copier room the rest of the day...

So, what can I do for you and your science department? Let me count the ways...
  1. Provide an honest-ta-goodness content specific workshop JUST for Science Teachers.
  2. Utilize the presented material immediately in your own classroom without the usual re-training. OR, simply choose to ignore me - I got big shoulders. I can take it!
  3. I work cheap! See my Workshop Price List!
  4. I'm semi-humorous.

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