Star Trek III - The Search for Spock

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Or, "How to make BAD SCIENCE look GOOD with a $Gazillion Special FX Budget"

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Alrighty then! Synopsis? It's stardate 8210.3, that's 2285AD Friday 2:15 PST. Kirk has to fetch Spock's body from the now off-limits Genesis Planet, previously Seti Alpha V, and take him and Bones McCoy to Vulcan where Sarek, Spock's daddy, can perform Fal-tor-pan, the Vulcan thing where body and spirit are joined again since Bones had Spock's Katra, spirit, implanted in his own brain by the crafty Spock moments before he died. Kirk & Company hijack the Enterprise and fight with Kilingons, led by Commander Kluge played well by a maniacal Christopher Lloyd, who are after the Genesis Devise for its weapon capability. Kirk wins again by some serious lying and luck.

A few notes of proper scientific conflagration...

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