Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan

Death of Spock
Or, "How to make BAD SCIENCE look GOOD with a $Gazillion Special FX Budget"

Well, where to get started on this one... The premise is actually pretty cool! It's Stardate 8130.3, meaning 2285AD, 4:15 AM EST, Bad Space Guys lead by the incomparable Ricardo Montalban, from the original TV Star Trek episode "Space Seed", come back to be a PIA to Kirk. Try to take over Universe by stealing a "Doomsday" thingee; a thing that, coincidentally, has been invented by one of Kirk's many past lovers and his illegitimate sissyboy son. Yeah, that would happen in the Universal scheme of things... Bad Guy makes fatal mistakes due to his overbearing sense of vengeance even though his is the "superior intellect" and he has bigger pecs than Kirk. Spock "dies" saving the ship. Bad Guy dies while reciting poetry. Kirk pontificates us to tears.

All sarcasm aside, tho... This is, in my humble opinion - and you are entitled to your wrong opinion... - the best of the Star Trek movies. Ricardo Montalban does just such an outstanding and believable job reincarnating his Khan character; he of "superior intellect". Shatner, who usually either sleepwalks through a role or overacts to the point of looking like a high school production, keeps up with Montalban step for step. My suspicion is that Montalban just exudes such a large stage presence that Shatner HAD to keep up with him... Anyway, the humor and action and subplots and overall acting was the best of the series! It certainly beat the snot outta Star Trek I!

Enterprise 1701

Khan, the Original
Check out the ORIGINAL Khan from Episode 25!

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