Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Or, 'How to mesh virtuality and reality'! OH! I just invented a new word - "Real Virtuality!" Think it'll catch on?

Well, where to get started on this one... The premise is actually great! A real person detective, Eddie Valiant, is hired to help a cartoon Blonde Bombshell that is the adulation of all red-blooded American Males, Jessica, to help her cartoon rabbit husband, Roger, prove his innocence. Meanwhile, an evil cartoon guy, Judge ??? is passing himself off as a human trying to kill all "Toons" with a mysterious "dip". Of course, thru some hijinks and lojinks, Roger and Eddy save the day and Toontown.

I show a segment of this video at the end of the year for the kids to critique from a Fizzix perspective. They have located 120 Errors in the 4 minute segment where Eddie Valiant goes into Toontown looking for Roger. Download the list here. I'll just summarize the highlights of the Fizzix Errors here.

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