Costner as The Hood


This movie, still a good one to watch for the 50th time on late night cable, shows that movies don't have to be members of the "Science Fiction" or "Cartoon" genres to showcase science errors. Aside from the historical errors and omissions in this movie, there are two segments that exhibit GLARING examples of BAD SCIENCE.

  1. Upon reaching England, at apparently what are the White Cliffs of Dover in SouthEastern England on the Strait of Dover , Robin tells Ahseem, in a somewhat Brooklyn/Cockney accent, that "We will be at my father's by nightfall." Indicates a one day's journey by foot, doesn't it? Well, a few minor Geographic details...
  2. About an hour into the movie, Robin (whose English accent comes and goes as often as my memory and common sense...) is talking the "Merry Men" into "seeking solice in the trees" and that "the forest can provide all we need". Well...

  3. Shortly after Ahseem helps Fanny (a decidedly Victorian name, by the by...) give birth because he has "...seen it many times in horses!", he tells Friar Tuck, my personal hero in this movie, he can't join him in a drink of mead because, "Alas, I may not partake. Allah forbids it." Well, my fellow beer drinkers, according to a Muslim buddy of mine, the Muslim religion forbids partaking of the "fermentation of grape". Mead is derived from fermented honey, so Ahseem could have gotten poop-faced and still been a good Muslim. Side Note: As I write this, I am partaking of Dogfish Head Brewery's Midas Touch, a honey mead derivative developed through research at the Univ of Penn after examining the chemicals left behind in King Midas' brewery... Dern good stuff!

  4. Later in the show, when the "Celts" are attacking the Merry Men's forest dwelling and Little John is trying to save his wife, Fanny, and new born son from a tree house on fire, note how Robin comes to the rescue...
    There's a rope conveniently hanging right beside the adjacent tree house where Robin is. He reaches out, grabs the rope, and swings across to Fanny. Problem?

So, what have we learned? Robin was not a Fizzisist! There are other minor problems with the movie, but, HEY!

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