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Updated Last: 05/15/09

Overview : Earth attacked by slimy smelly aliens. Earth looks like it's down and out. Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum save the day. WITH A MAC! Simple.

It's kind of hard to pick on a movie you like so much, but let me try. BAD things:

  1. To start things off with a bang, did you wonder how all those 15 mile wide alien ships showed up hovering over lots of large cities without anyone noticing till they were here? Not to mention that the "Mother" ship, in orbit close by, looked as large as a small planet and no one noticed it either! How can we know about the orbit and subsequent "near miss" of 1/2-mile wide asteroid 1999AN10 in the year 2027 and it's MILLIONS and MILLIONS of miles away right now and miss all these guys? Sheesh!

  2. The opening scene is a basic pan-view from the surface of the moon showing the flag & plaque left behind by Apollo 11, stars in the background, and dust blowing in the wind. IN THE WIND? Yes, folks, there are moon dust wisps flying all over the place. You know the moon has no atmosphere at all, right? And those stars in the bakground? Wouldn't see them. The bright foreground washes out all but the brightest of background images. This is one of those hoax-monger things about "Why are there no stars in the background from the moon landing pictures? It must mean they did it inside on a Hollywood stage!" Garbage. Take a look at the images, still AND motion, coming back from the current Shuttle mission to 'fix' the Hubble one last time (05/15/09). No stars. Duh...
    Then, as the alien Mother Ship sails by, the ground shakes and the famous footprints left behind shake into oblivion. More crap. Without a material medium, no "shock" waves can travel from the shaking ships engines to the ground. Duh...
  3. After the Prez finally decides to "nuke the bastards", Jeff Goldblum gets drunk, makes a mess, and falls on the floor. His Dad tells him to "get up off the floor before you catch your death of cold". OOPS! Another HUGE misconception handed down from one Mother to the next. Colds are caused by a virus, RhinoV to be exact. Can't get it from sitting on cold floors, unless you are sitting on a cold floor when someone WITH a cold sneezes all over you, running outside with a wet head, or jumping into frigid water at the beach. Have to be exposed directly to the virus.

    This does, however, feed Jeff's character with the idea of uploading a virus to the Mothership.

  4. After Jeff explains his idea where he needs someone to pilot an alien ship, Will steps forward and says, "I've seen these things in action...I'd like to try..." Brave, but stupid. I've seen Jumbo Jets in operation, but I don't think I wanna fly one. I've seen computers in action, but that does not mean I can get one to successfully do what I need it to. Nice try, Will.

  5. The Americans contact other outposts of fighters via "old Morse Code". Why wouldn't these smart aliens, who have used our own satellite communication system against us, be able to figure it out?

  6. As the alien ship leaves our atmosphere with Jeff and Will it banks its wings to turn just like a plane. Why? No air resistance or Bernoulli to help steer when we are in space. Same mistake is seen a few times in Armaggedon.

  7. What kind of computer does Jeff use to upload the virus? A MacIntosh PowerBook! Now, I'm a Mac fan from way back, but I find it difficult to buy the fact that these nasty advanced aliens knew Steve Jobs and are using Apple's language. Some of my kids, upon realizing what is going on state that they would believe it if the laptop were PC-based! C'mon! Bill Gates is everywhere, but in outerspace, too?

  8. What's His Name, Warren K. Smith?, the drunk with the kids, saves the day when he flies his fighter jet into the bottom opening of the attack ship. He does this by flying vertically upward following the "doomsday ray". Two things:
    • Fighter jets cannot fly vertically for any length of time. Aerodynamics sorta dictates a big no to that one
    • How come that ray destroys everything except the jet?
    • HOWEVER, he does have two of the absolute best lines in the movie as he is headed for certain death!
      • "Payback's a bitch!"
      • "Honey, I'm home!"
    I think he's my hero...

  9. Note while Jeff and Will are fleeing through the Mothership that the green "laser" shots actually turn corners after them. Cool trick!

  10. Note the worldwide celebration shots during the downfall of the aliens. It's daytime in New York City. It's daytime in India. It's daytime in Moscow. It's daytime all over this here land! The world IS FLAT! Oh No, Mr. Bill!!!!

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