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Visit my Misconceptions Page to see some of the things we have to fight on a daily basis to beat back the shrouds of scienctific illiteracy!

If you attended any of my BAD Hollywood workshops via NSTA or a state STA, email me for video uploads.

Why? Simple. We ALL grew up believing the all-powerful 'tube'! How many times did our parents turn on that tube-filled baby-sitter and revel in the peace and quiet it brought to their household? Meanwhile, we absorbed that stuff like we were the sponges and the TV was the Super Soaker. These shows don't always 'lie'. Sometimes, they just don't know any better. However, the effect on our children is the same whether the TV lies or just gets something wrong - kids grow up believing it! What follows is an outline of my presentation to my science-teaching colleagues at the Regional and National Science Teacher's Conventions and other workshops. Just click on a link for detailed wrongness. MOST of the info is Fizzix-oriented since I'm a Fizzix kinda guy... If you wish, it is available for download here in ZIP format.

Hop over to Dr. Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy site! It's where I steal most of my ideas, anyway...


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