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4.1    User Accounts

phpBB 2.0 is based on a user system.  When a user is logged in, his/her username will be shown with each post he/she makes.  Each user may also have some custom settings which allow them to control the look and feel of the board as they use it.


4.1.1     Registration

In order to log into the board as a user, you must register a username.  To do this, click the small Register link at the top of any page.


You will be taken to the Registration Agreement Terms, which you must agree to in order to register.

You will then be taken to the registration information form.  Fill out each of the required fields, and any of the optional fields you like.  The settings on the registration form are identical to those in the Profile Settings form.
Make sure you use full and real names! As I must approve each user, any username that I can't recognize as one of my own will be dropped.

When you register, you must specify an email address.  All email from the board to you will be sent to that address.  If the board is set to User Activation, you must check your email and click the activation link there before you may log in.


4.1.2     Logging In

In order to post using your username and use your custom settings on the board, you must log in.  To log in, you must use the small login form at the bottom of the Forum Index page.


Alternatively you may click the small Login link at the top of any page to be taken to the Login Page.

Enter your user name and password, and click Login.  You will be taken to the page you were previously using, but will now be able to post with your username, change your profile, check private messages, etc.  To log out of the board, click the small Logout [<your username> ] link at the top of any page.

If you are not logged in and attempt to do anything that requires a login, you will be taken to the login screen.  After you log in, you will be taken to the page you were attempting to go to before logging in.  Things that require login include changing your profile, checking your private messages, posting to forums (if they require it), etc.

If you forget your password, go to the Login Page.  Click I forgot my password


You will be taken to a form to enter your username and email address.  A new password will be created, and sent in an email to you.  When you receive the email, you need to click the new password activation link.  The new password activation link exists so that if someone else enters your information into the Forgotten Password form, your current password will remain intact.  After you have activated your new password, you may log in with it.  You may change your password to what you like in your profile. 


4.2    Posting

There are two primary ways to create a post.  In the View Forum and View Topic pages, you may click New Topic.  This will take you to the posting form, and, when you have posted, will create a new topic with your post as the first one in the topic.  In the View Topic page, you may also click Reply.  This will take you to the posting form, and, when you have posted, it will add your post to the topic you replied to.  To reply to a specific post, you may also click the Quote button in the upper right corner of that post. 


4.2.1    Posting Form

When you post a new topic or post a reply, you are taken to the posting form, where to enter your post. 

Subject - The subject of your post.  If this is a new post, the subject is required, and it will be the name of the topic.  If the post is replying to another post, the subject is not required, but may be added, and will be shown at the top of the post.

Message Body - The Message body is a large text area where the body of your post is input.  Plain text is the only thing allowed in this text area, but special formatting, links, smilies (emoticons), images, etc. may be added through the use of Smilies, BBCode and/or HTML (if they are enabled).

Smilies - Smilies (also called emoticons) can be added to posts.  You may only use smilies in your post if they are enabled on the board you are using.  To see if smilies are enabled, look in the lower left corner of the posting form, you should see "Smilies are ON/OFF".  If smilies are enabled and you would like to disable them in your post, check the box next to Disable Smilies in this Post.

Signature - You may add a signature to your post.  To do this, check the box next to Attach Signature.  You may change your signature by editing your profile. 

Reply Notification - When you post, you may be interested in knowing when that topic is replied to.  If so, you may check Notify me when a reply is posted

Sticky/Announcement - To make a post into an Announcement or a Sticky Topic, look to the bottom of the posting form.  There are radio buttons at the bottom that will allow you to set the post as Normal, Sticky or Announcement.  These options will only be visible to a user for the top post in a topic, and only if they have permission to make Announcements and Sticky topics.

Polls - To add a poll, look to the bottom of the posting form.  These options will only be visible to a user if they have permission to make Polls.

To sign up for his foum, send an email to daryl [AT] darylscience.com . I'm sorry I have to stop automatic registration, but some of the fine folks who spend their lives trying to make the rest of our's difficult have been bombarding my forums (forumii?) with crap... I will forward permissions to you .