Tasty Metamorphic Rock Demo

Snicker's Metamorphosis!

Ever have a kid say, "I just don't get this Metamorphic Rock thing!"? Well, try this on the little guy!
Give the student a Snicker's Bar, two pieces of wood about 1'x1', and a coupla 'C' clamps. Cut the Snicker's bar in half CLEANLY and have the student diagram the layers. This represents the layers of rock at some place in the surface, say right under his feet. Now, place ONE half between the two boards and clamp down with the 'C' clamps till it is absolutely smooshed! (If the kids are "big", like 100 pounds or so, just have them place the snickers on a piece of paper on the floor, cover it with a board and stand or jump on it! They seem to like this approach better...
Now, take the smooshed Snicker's bar, cleanly cut it in half, and have the kid re-sketch the "new" layers. Note the previous layers are no longer recognizable and it seems that only one layer exists. It's a neat little activity.

Granola bars filled with fruit and most other candy bars can be used for this. It's just that Snickers has such good layering at the beginning.

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