DNA Tree!

And you didn't think DNA grew on trees did ya?

Spiral Tree

I just thought of this one yesterday, 12/21/03, while getting gas at my friendly local American-owned and operated Sunoco station. They have the most wonderful year-round decorations for every conceivable holiday and special occassion you can think of. Anyway...

As I was waiting for the fill-up, I was staring blankly, as happens often, at one of these new fancy spiral tube-light trees. You know, the kind that comes in a flat box and all you do is pull the center and it uncoils like a spiral spring, plug it in, and VOILA! You have a lit little cone-shaped 6' tree ornament. It occurred to me that the shape, although spiraling into larger circles, is reminiscent of a DNA double-helix! So, you could have a $10.00 6-foot high DNA model for your classroom!

You imaginative Bio teachers can, I'm sure, figure out what to do with it in class. I'm thinking placing large stick pretzels between the spiral arms as the ACGT pairs... Hey, I'm a Fizzix Guy! I'd just sit and eat the pretzels! And the tree...

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