Core Sampling

In Earth Science, there is a common tool in demonstrating the concept of core sampling; the Entenman's Cupcake! Entenman's works just fine due to their consistency and the fact that they fill their cupcakes so well, it is dfficult to notice. Here's what to do;

  1. Each LAB group will need
  2. By use of the straws, each group is to map the inside of each cupcake by core sampling. This is accomplished by slowly inserting the straw into the cupcake from the top surface, pulling out the "sample", and examining it for the internal contants. Care is to be used while inserting the straw. A small twisting motion is usually effective in slicing through the material as opposed to just jamming it in. Also, make sure they don't take samples FROM the bottom or direct sides of the cupcake. All samples must originate from the top surface even though angled samplings are good.
  3. From the samples, the kids are to deduce the 3-Dimensional interior of the cupcake. If it is filled, a sketch of the shape and location of the filling "glob" is the result. If it is NOT filled, a reason must be given.

In addition, you could have a local land fill guy or an oil company engineer come in (or even a field trip to one) to show the uses of core samplings. The land fill people usually have on hand a few core samples. Why do they need them? To see what the heck all that stuff s turning into down there. It is absolutely amazing that one of their core samplings can contain identifiable objects after MANY MANY years. The one they gave me has a circular cut out from a phone book, about an inch thick and fully readable! They estimate by its depth in relation to everything else that the phone book dates from the mid 60's! COOL!

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