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The Overrated Scientific Method & Data-Taking
Sci Method Intro Labs & Activities
»» Using a silly little Fortune Telling Fish to teach the Scientific Method Great Intro Lab! Full description & images.
»»THUMB WRESTLING! Using a silly class contest to learn Scientific Method Great intro to data taking and setting up a Lab.
»»Counting Stars! Nice "Sampling" Lab that deals with math of really big numbers.
Quick Labs to introduce data taking, group work, and a topic they already "know".
»» Floating Cokes(TM) and a Pub Draft for me! Discrepent events can lead to great discoveries! Works just as well with Pepsi...
»»The 'ole Dancing Raisins Demo Density, Nucleation, CO2 dissolving curves stuff
»»"Tiny Bubbles" and Camaroon Density of gases and an examination of the tragedies at Lake Nyos in Camaroon
»»Mystery Corks Discrepent Event: Buoyancy. Careful set-up is needed.
»»Boat Building Competition Density & Engineering: Great group activity. Design & Re-Try.
»»Overflowing Coke Trick. Observation Skills.
»» Sinking Ice Trick. Observation Skills.
»» What's a SCUBA and how does it work? Investigation, pressure, breathing and data
»»Clouds in your Lab Room PIVNERT!

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