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Newton's Laws
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»»Rapid fire NL1 (Newton's FIRST Law) Demos Newton's Law Demos: 28 of them! Using no "Lab" equipment!
»»Rapid fire NL1-3 (ALL his Laws) Demos Newton's Law Demos: 29 of them! Using no "Lab" equipment!
»»Floating a He balloon sideways! FMA, NL1, NL2, NL3, Buoyancy...
»»How do Stuntmen fall from such heights? FMA, NL1, NL2, NL3, Impulse.
»» Accelerations FASTER than 'g'? Discrepent events can lead to great discoveries!
»»MORE Accelerations FASTER than 'g'? YEP! Even more of them...
»»Falling SLOWER than 'g' Why not? We have "Faster than 'g'", might as well have "Slower than..."
»» Phone Book Friction - Gotta see it to believe it! Friction & Pressure
»» The $5 Hovercraft! Newton, Bernoulli, Pierce, Sacco, & Vanzetti...
»» 10 cent solution to an $18.00 Bernoulli Bag! Bernoulli...duh...
»» Dropping buttered bread - WHY does it ALWAYS fall face down? Newton, Torque & 'g'
»» Eastern Mysticism Bed of Nails survival guide...
»» How does a bike stay up and/or turn? Newton, Center of Mass & Rotation!

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