Ode To Taylor

sung to the tune of Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel & Written by student A Boardman, C Lockhart, & Narrated by D Alper, 2004

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor
Our favorite Fizzix Teacher
He says he just retired
So now he is a preacher.

Fizzix, Fizzix, Fizzix
Motion, Acceleration
Taylor please don't retire
Stay with the occupation

Vectors, vectors, vectors
Angles & Displacements
We know you could work for NASA
and that your genius is wasted

Newton, Newton, Newton
Your Laws we must obey
They have to do with everything
From jumping to croquet

We love your crazy methods
They have become a habit
This Ode is finally over
So, please 'Shut Up, You Rabbit"

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