Awake in the Classroom

To the tune of, "Away in a Manger".

Awake in the classroom, but just hanging on,
The poor physics students have suffered so long.
The lecture is boring itís all they can bear
They soon fall asleep without any cares.
The worksheet was awful, with no end in sight.
Of all of the answers, no one got them right.
We used the equations the FatMan had taught:
But at problem solving weíre not very hot.

Awake in the classroom, but near comatose,
If I get caught sleeping then I will be toast.
The calculator is beeping, illegal command
But I cannot hear it, Iíve gone to dreamland.

The FatMan is yelling, a bunch of hot air,
and one of the Vaccaris falls out of his chair.
I love you, Physics, but Iíve run out of gas
Iíll pay more attention the next time in class.

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